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December 20, 2005

Copies of Land Court Certificates

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Here’s an email I recieved earlier today from our website link:

“Can Land Court Certificates be viewed online? I have been encountering an message indicate the image is not available and to check back later. Also, how do I go about obtaining copies of certain Land Court Certificates and what is the associated cost?”

Unfortunately, Land Court Certificates are not online right now. Certificates from 36001 onward are available for viewing on our public access computers here at the registry. As for obtaining copies of a certificate by mail, our Registered Land Section charges $1 per page. The best thing to do is to call 978/322-9000 and ask for the Registered Land Section and get specific instructions for the certificate you want copies.

Fully Functional, At Last

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This was a big day for the LowellDeeds blog. Much of the functionality we sought is now operational. If you click on one of the “categories” such as “electronic recording,” all of the posts on that topic will appear. (So far, we’ve only categorized posts from the last two months, but now that this feature is working we will do this for all past entries). We also have a photo gallery that allows you to view pictures of and about the registry of deeds. Most importantly, the “comment” feature is fully functional. So please, make use of it. I know we have many readers because people are always saying “I enjoyed the blog entry about . . .” As much as we enjoy that type of feedback, the blog will work best when it’s a dialogue and not just a monologue. We want to hear from you.

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