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December 21, 2005


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Here’s a brief update of some of the registry’s ongoing projects:

Southern Middlesex Records
There has been a lot of interest in the digitalization of the 1630-1855 Southern Middlesex Records… Here’s where we are … four films have been given to a company called PaperTrac to be analyzed (one Grantee, one Grantor, one Billerica and one Lowell). Usually we do this type of project in-house, but these records pose a unique problem. Many years ago the microfilm was made from old handwritten books that had faded badly. Over the past five years, technology has advanced greatly in the area of digitizing film. Company’s specializing in this work have the ability to “enhance bad images” far beyond the registry’s capability. We hope to have a report from PaperTrac before the New Year.

“Grantor Index Imaging”…this project is going great.
We have completed 1941-1950 and are in the process of burning CDs for distribution (sorry they won’t be available as stocking stuffers as I had hoped).
In the 1926-1940 index we discovered that part of the letter “L” was missing. This will be corrected by the end of the week. By Tuesday we will be burning these CDs also.
We have finished cropping the 1916-1925 index but they have not been quality checked yet.
1901-1915 is completely cropped and ready to be quality checked also.
And finally we have begun the 1881-1900 index.

Recorded Land Images
We are about 50% done filling the gaps in our “image database”. This is a very labor-intensive project. We have discovered the easiest way to do this is by disassembling the book…scanning the pages and then re-assembling. It takes longer to work with the book than to actual scan. We considered using a copy machine but this is actually more difficult.

We are still waiting for the new public copy machines to be delivered(the contract was awarded in early November)…it has been five weeks…this is about when we start getting a little impatient.

Probate Computers
We have solved the Probate computer problem…you may remember it was “going to sleep” when not used and required a password…to, well, “wake up”. We swapped our internal computer with the public and everything is working fine now.

And, finally…I am done with my holiday shopping.

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