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December 23, 2005

Ho, Ho, Hooo

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I came across a “Naughty/Nice” Christmas quiz on the Internet this morning…me being me (as Manny would say)… I was wondering if I had been “Naughty or Nice” so I decided to take it.

1.How clean is your bedroom?…
“It’s spotless, but my wife cleans it. Does that count?”

2.Do you do all your chores on time?…
“Well…she does those too”.
“I don’t like the way this is going!”

3.How do you act while you are getting a haircut?…
“Very agitated…I hate to watch someone with a full head of hair tampering with my few strands.”

4.Do you fight with your sister?…
“Only when she’s wrong”.

5.Do you finish all your supper?…
“Unfortunately, Yes…If you saw me you wouldn’t even be asking that question.”

6.Do you go to bed when you are told?…
“Are you crazy?…I am in bed way before that…hey, I’m 54 now.”

7.Do you always tell the truth?…
“Always?…In college philosophy class they taught me that there is absolutely no such thing as “Absolutes”.

8.What are you leaving Santa for a snack on Christmas Eve?…
“Shrimp and Lobster…I hear he’s on the low carb diet.”

I don’t think I did too good…
What about the iPod I wanted?…“No, No, Nooooo”

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy Holiday.

Blog Turns 2

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This is the second anniversary of the LowellDeeds blog. It was back on December 23, 2003 that we made our first post. At first, I was writing something once each day, seven days per week. That was soon cutback to writing on days the registry was open and soon Assistant Register of Deeds became a co-author, alternating days. For most of the two years, we used Blogger, a free, easy to use service that I would strongly recommend. Wanting more flexibility with the blog, we recently brought in someone with superb web (and blog) design credentials who’s helped us create this new look. So the blog will continue. We hope you enjoy some of its new features such as the photo gallery and the categories. Perhaps the one part of the blog that has not lived up to our expectations is the apparent hesitancy of readers to post comments. Many of you make comments directly to us and, while we enjoy hearing them, if all the readers could read your comments and our responses to those comments, the blog would become much more vibrant. So please, help us out.

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