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December 28, 2005

Postage Rate Increase

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In case you missed it, the cost of first-class mail will rise from the current $0.37 for the first ounce to $0.39. Each additional ounce will cost another $0.24. This all becomes effective January 8, 2006. It becomes effective at this registry sooner than that, however. We require customers who want their documents returned to leave with us a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of those documents. Because we wait until after the document has been scanned, microfilmed, and the microfilm developed and checked, we normally mail back documents about six weeks after recording. Our plan is to accelerate this process and mail back as much of our inventory of already recorded documents as we can between now and January 8. For the rest, we’ll just have to add the additional postage ourselves. But, beginning January 3, 2006, we will require that self-addressed stamped envelopes left for the return of documents have the proper post January 8 postage. We won’t be checking for the proper postage, but we won’t be using envelopes that have insufficient postage, either.

“Last Day”… Myth??

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Traditionally, registry workers… “including myself”… have looked on the last business day of the calendar year as one of our busiest days. At one time we would move additional equipment and personnel to the recording counter in preparation…but, lately the “last day” has not lived up to the big expectation…Curiosity got the best of me… so I began to collect statistics looking at the volume of business on the “last day” for past twenty years…I wondered if the high expectation was just a “registry myth”. Below I have listed “the year”, “the average daily recordings in that year” and the number recorded on the last business day. Interestingly, there were four years when the “Last Day” didn’t even make the “Daily Average”…but in four other years “Last Day” totals doubled the Daily Average.

In 1985… Daily Average 224…Last Day 356
In 1986 …Daily Average 330… Last Day 875 (Tax change)
In 1987… Daily Average 292… Last Day 273
In 1988… Daily Average 232…Last Day 330
In 1989… Daily Average 206…Last Day 364
In 1990… Daily Average 207…Last Day 285
In 1991… Daily Average 208 …Last Day 433
In 1992… Daily Average 305…Last Day 428
In 1993… Daily Average 333 …Last Day 426
In 1994… Daily Average 285 …Last Day 408
In 1995… Daily Average 242 …Last Day 487
In 1996… Daily Average 269 …Last Day 527
In 1997… Daily Average 280… Last Day 413
In 1998… Daily Average 374… Last Day 392
In 1999… Daily Average 358… Last Day 275
In 2000… Daily Average 286…Last Day 490 (Y2K)
In 2001… Daily Average 388… Last Day 724
In 2002…Daily Average 463… Last Day 526
In 2003…Daily Average 587… Last Day 500 (Highest Daily Average in our history)
In 2004…Daily Average 384… Last Day 363

Well, legend has it we’ll be extremely busy this Friday, Dec 30…Let’s see what actually happens…
In 2005…Daily Average 360… Last Day ???? Watch for Tuesday’s Blog.

Authority for Indexing Standards

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Someone asked the source of authority for the Registers of Deeds Association promulgating Indexing Standards. While there’s no express statutory grant of such authority, 950 CMR 120 clearly grants the Association the implied power to do so. It says:

The Massachusetts Registers and Assistant Registers of Deeds Association has published Deed Indexing Standards for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts which govern the creation of indexes required by MGL c.36. Unless otherwise noted, all Indexes created by Massachusetts Registries of Deeds shall conform with these Deed Indexing Standards. These standards are subject to revision. Where a standard has been revised, the most current revision shall apply

And since the original Deed Indexing Standards were in existence at the time this regulation became effective, this regulation ratifies and confirms the existing standards.

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