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January 4, 2006

MNRD 2005 Statistics

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More statistics…
First, if you read yesterday’s Blog you already know we recorded 405 documents on Friday, December 30 the final business day of 2005. This is slightly higher than our 2005 daily average of 360.

If you go to http://www.lowelldeeds.com/2005stats.pdf you will find some very interesting comparsions of Major Document totals for the past several years (Deeds, Mortgages, Plans, Homesteads and Foreclosure Deeds). The chart is self-explanatory but here are a few of the more notable points:

2005 saw a 9% decrease in the number of documents recorded…“96,260” recorded in 2004, “87,866” in 2005. Compare this to 2003’s incredible 146, 940…that’s a 40% drop.

We recorded 33% less Mortgages in 2004 than 2003 and an additional 10% less in 2005. Of course, the decrease in Mortgages accounts for the bulk of the drop in recording numbers. In 2005 we recorded 19,000 less mortgages than in 2003 and 4,000 less than 2004.

Over the pass twenty-five years document totals seem to rise and fall in five year cycles. Usually, once the market bottoms out there is an upward swing for two or three years. Once it peaks the martket falls for two years or three years until it once again bottoms out. The interesting thing is that the bottom is usually not as low as the cycle before it and the peak is usually higher than the cycle before it.

It will be interesting to see where 2006 fits in the cycle.

Question on Legal Notices

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A website visitor sent this question by email:

Is the Lowell Sun the newspaper of record for Middlesex North? Is it always
the Saturday edition? Are legal notices (foreclosure, lis pendens) available
online? It seems they can be found at www.masslandrecords.com after the
fact. Is there some kind of syndication service (RSS) or mailing list for
such notices?

Here’s my reply:

Legal notices are published pursuant to a court order in each particular case. I’m not sure how the courts determine which newspaper is to carry the publication. Certainly the Lowell Sun carries many of them, but certainly not all. And legal notices appear in the Sun every day.

I know of no RSS or similar technology to feed that type of info to interested parties.

The “foreclosure reports” we put on www.lowelldeeds.com each month have a limited use. If you read the explanatory information at this location - http://www.lowelldeeds.com/2004fc.htm - it might help you follow the process.

You can go into the “search land records” portion of our database, set a particular date range (the smaller the better, usually) and then select a document type from the drop down menu and click search. That will yield all instances of that type of document being recorded within the indicated date range. Using that method, you can only search for one document type at a time, but if you’re interested and willing to put some time into it, you can get the information in a very timely manner.

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