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January 23, 2006


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They’re called Millennials…“They” are the newest generation of consumers. Born between 1980 and 2000, the oldest of these Millennials is only 25. According to a recent New York Time’s article, by the year 2010 the Millennials will out number prime consuming “Baby Boomers” and “The Gen-Xers”. Even now their likes/dislikes, wants/needs and technology habits are shaping how information is sent and received… and what information is sent and received. They do not read newspapers “Papers are clunky and big” according to the Times article. They do not watch “prime time” news or TV for that matter. Rather, Millennials download their favorite shows and music and enjoy them commercial free on an iPod or PC. It’s an “on demand” generation…When they want to know the weather they log into weather.com. What were yesterday’s football scores? It’s NFL.com. Is school canceled? Millennials do not glue themselves to a long, alphabetical, radio list. They receive a text message directly from the news source. Without doubt, they are turning the information world upside down and making traditional media providers shutter. We have already seen the demise of the 6 o’clock National News. Newspaper circulation figures throughout the country are plummeting… And most of that was the work of “The GenXers”…what are these “kids” going to do?

2 Responses to “Millennials?”

  1. Nana133 Says:

    What are we born in 1942 called? War Babies? As a consumer group what are our needs and technology?
    We need pills, safely bars, reruns, IMB self-correcting selectric tywriters, large-print books, Dick Clark and Sha-Na-Na.We read newspapers, do the crossword puzzle and follow Brenda Starr.
    Prime time news evokes memories of John Camerson Swayze and Walter Cronkite. Text messages were letters from family and notes passed in class.The best weather reports came from Don Kent.
    Now we are “on demand” for minding grandchildren.
    Millennials! Oh my! My oldest granddaughter was born in 2000 -she’s one of them!

  2. Tony Says:

    Thanks for the comment Nana133…I was born in 1951. Sometimes I wonder if my father felt as out of touch with “it” as I sometimes do or is the world just moving that much faster. I read “Wired Magazine” on a regular basis and, half of the Ads seem to me as if they are appealing to an audience from another planet, never mind a younger generation. Sha-Na-Na?? What about the Beatles…you can only hear their music on the “Golden” Oldies station.

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