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February 1, 2006

Who is MERS?

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Mortage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc is the most frequent name entered as a grantee when it comes to mortgages and discharges. But MERS is only an agent for real lenders. When MERS was created back in 1999 (approximately) we decided to enter only the name MERS and not the name of the underlying lender in our index. Since the whole purpose of MERS was to be the entity that handled all the mortgage related paperwork, that was a logical thing to do plus, with the number of mortgages being recorded rising to historically high rates, entering extra names (i.e., the name of the lender) seemed inefficient. Still, we are often curious about who MERS represents, so we did some analysis of MERS filings over the past two years. Based on a representative sampling, we found that 25% of all MERS mortgages came from California, 20% originated within Massachusetts; 8% came from Texas; 7% came from Pennsylvania; 6% each came from Michigan and Florida and 5% came from New York. A few other states originated less than 5% of the MERS mortgages. In the coming days, we will let you know the names of the companies that used MERS most often.

Nomination Papers

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Nomination papers for the state primaries on September 19, 2006 and the state election on November 7, 2006 are now available from the Secretary of State’s Election’s Division. Secretary Galvin has established a number of sites around the Commonwealth where nomination papers are physically available for pickup including the main office of the Elections Division in Boston, satellite offices of the Secretary of State in Fall River and Springfield, town halls in Barnstable, Gardner, Greenfield, Pittsfield, Plymouth and Worcester and, for the Merrimack Valley region, the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds here in Lowell. For more information, please visit the Elections Division website.

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