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February 3, 2006

A Victim’s Tale

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As a long-time Boston Globe subscriber, I was mildly interested to learn that the paper had used printouts of customer names and credit card numbers to wrap last Sunday’s bundles of Worcester Telegram & Gazettes (they’re owned by the same company) when the WTG was delivered to its carriers for home delivery. My immediate reaction was that something that happened way out in Worcester couldn’t have effected me. Still, there were 250,000+ names compromised and, while I’m not an expert on the Globe’s circulation figures, a quarter of a million customers seemed like a lot of newspaper customers. So I visited the Globe’s site to determine if my information had been “compromised.” I wish my luck with the state lottery was this good because, yes, I am a victim of the Globe’s incompetence. There’s a list of things to do and I followed it. First, I called one of the big three credit reporting companies and put a “fraud alert” on my credit report. The credit agency will share that with the other two and that should prevent any new accounts from being opened in my name without some pretty extreme security measures. Then, I called the bank that issued the credit card. They immediately cancelled it, marking it “possibly compromised” and are putting another in the mail along with an “Affidavit of Loss” for me to use if any bogus charges show up. The whole process took less than five minutes and seemed to work very efficiently. If you’re a Globe subscriber who pays by credit card, I urge to to look into this further. It’s easier to deal with it now than after a bunch of bogus charges show up on your credit card statement a month from now.

Rosann Rosannadanna

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Remember yesterday’s post…the one about the infamous “MyWife” aka “Karma Surta” aka “Blackmail”worm… well it seems the worm got squished. As of 1:00PM today the worm has caused few problems. Experts are saying computer users heeded the industry’s loud warnings and took the necessary action… What was it Rosann Rosannadanna used to say???…”never mind”.

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