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February 6, 2006

Hardly Super…Bowl that is.

by @ 10:42 am. Filed under Pop Culture

Here are some of “my” Super Bowl XL observations (What’s with the Roman Numerals? Why can’t they write it like everyone else?)

The officiating was bad…no, I ‘m wrong… it was dreadful.

It’s time for the Rolling Stones to hang it up…or at least change their name to reflect their new(or should I say “old”) image…how about “The Geriatrics” or “The Kidney Stones”…or “The Roll Us In Stones”

Why didn’t the half-time show have a Motown theme? They did play in Detriot.

My favorite commercial was the “streaking lamb”.

Rumor has it that Charlie Watts, The Stone’s (Rolling or Kidney whichever your prefer) drummer (born June 2, 1941) is being featured in a Smucker’s commercial with Willard Scott.

The Super Bowl is boring unless the Patriots are in it.

Mick Jagger(born July 26, 1943) needs to do some tricep exercises to tone his flabby Arms (I know, I should talk).

Tom Brady’s velour jacket was pretty tacky…Yup, as Larry David would say… “pretty… pretty… pretty… tacky”.

I enjoyed seeing the past Super Bowl MVP’s during the pre-game show, but wow, some of them look old enough to be in The Rolling Stones.

And speaking of The Rolling Stones(again) since when are they the moral antithesis of Janet Jackson… (I thought the NFL was looking for warm and fuzzy entertainment for the half-time show)..

By the way I saw Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” back in Super Bowl XXXVIII…traumatic…I’m now entering my second year of therapy trying to recover (just kidding).

There is no way Roethlisberger (the Steeler’s quarterback) was in the end zone on that second quarter touchdown attempt…(if that call went against our beloved Patriots we’d be outraged this morning).

Another rumor…I heard that Stone’s Bad Boy Keith Richards(born December 18, 1943) purposefully and maliciously broke his “Clapper”…but I don’t believe it…he needs it.

In my opinion…”Super Bowl 40″ and all its ancillaries, was enough to… “make a grown man cry”.

One Response to “Hardly Super…Bowl that is.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great commentary, Tony! I only saw the half-time show (not the game), but I agree with you about the Stones. Motown would have been a much better choice!

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