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February 8, 2006

Techie things

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What’s new in the Technology World? There is always something… Here is a short list of some of the more interesting happening in the techie world…IMO that is:

Apple Computer has lowered the price of the iPod… Something I never, ever thought they would do…and they have added a new souped up version of the “Shuffle” with 1-gigabyte.

Yahoo and AOL are planning to begin charging for what they call “first class email”. Actually for $.02 per email they are offering an upgraded email spam blocker.

According to Technorati (a blog tracking company) the blogosphere (that’s what the blog world is know as) is growing by leaps and bounds. Technorati says it is now tracking more than 27 million separate blogs (including this one). That is 60 times more than three years ago. Technorati claims there are about 1.2 million new blog entries made every day. Now, that’s a lot of reading/writing.

Are you a gambling man/woman? If so… Microsoft is offering a chance to win an exclusive invitation to the launch of Vista, its new operating system… “Oh, pick me…pick me”…. How do you win? Simple… guess the date Microsoft will publicly introduce Vista. First place prize includes three nights at a four star hotel… Second, third and fourth place prizes are an Xbox 360 (whatever that is) and fifth through 10th place winners get an Xbox Core System (again…whatever that is) Here’s a hint? It will be in 2006 (and January is already gone).

Two new real estate websites are starting to offer services that might change the way the real estate business is conducted. Zillow.com helps consumers get more accurate sales information and Redfin.com offers a feature which automates bidding on a house.

And let’s not forget the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds…there is always something techie happening here…we are currently exploring the possibility of creating hyperlinks on our PDF Grantor images…I know I didn’t say much… but stay tuned for that.

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