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March 27, 2006

A Hard Days Night

by @ 9:03 am. Filed under Current Events, Technology, Pop Culture

Hello…Do You Want to Know A Secret?…well it’s not really a secret. When Steve Jobs, Apple Computer’s Sun King, woke up from his Golden Slumbers this morning he must have thought … “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away”. Apple Corps, the Beatles’ music division is suing Jobs’ Apple Computer. At issue is iTunes, Apple Computer’s online music store. This marks the third battle between the two Apples. The Beatles (IMO, the best Rock and Roll Music group around In My Life) formed Apple Corps in 1968. Steve Jobs was 13 years old in 1968 and couldn’t Help but be aware of the Beatles’ Apple…don’t Ask Me Why Jobs didn’t pick another name for his upstart company (there were plenty of fruits still not taken… Mango Computer, Apricot computer), …Excuse me, let me “Get Back” to the topic…The Beatles first sued Apple Computer in 1980 accusing the company of stealing their name. The Beatles won…but Apple Computer was just a small start-up then with little Money, led by Jobs, a virtual Nowhere Man. The Beatles received a small settlement and were happy to Let It Be. Nobody thought Apple Computer would be around long, never mind create a Revolution in the computer world…Eleven years later, after a Long and Winding Road and Steve Jobs working Eight Days A Week, Apple became a computer giant…it was then that the Beatles sued for a second time.This time they wanted to give Jobs A Ticket to Ride… and they won again…The settlement was Something…$26.5 Million. The Beatles claim the decision, in the 1991 lawsuit, prohibited Apple Computer from selling music… So, as expected, when Apple launched iTunes in 2003 the Beatles filed suit for a third time. It Won’t Be Long before this case comes to court unless officials from the two Apples tell a judge We Can Work It Out…but, I’ve Got A Feeling things are Getting Better between the Apples… If you are a Beatles lover, you are aware that their music is not available on iTunes or any other download…and…There is speculation that if the parties do Come Together the settlement may lead to the availability of Beatle music on iTunes… Meanwhile Steve Jobs must be thinking…I Should Have Known Better

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