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August 4, 2006

Techology Quiz

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If you are a regular reader of the “lowelldeeds” blog you know I love giving quizzes… (No, not presidents again). This time let’s try technology and the Internet…and…let’s do this one like the popular TV show Jeopardy…I’ll give the answer and you give the question…so all your answers should be phrased…”what is______ Tony?”

Ready?…(begin the familiar music please)

“Tony, I’ll take technology for $200”

1. This mechanism (software) protects a network from being accessed by the rest of the Internet. Recently, it has become very popular with the emergence of WiFi home networks.

2. A piece of hardware located “outside” a computer. A good example would be a printer or scanner…it begins with a P?…

3. A device that converts paper images into digital form…

4. A practice of sending unwanted email and advertisements over the Internet…Hint: You can make a sandwich with its homonym

5. A person that maintains a webserver or website…no, not an arachnoid engineer

6. A display (sometimes just a color) on your desktop when it is not in use.

7. When used during a search this character expands the search criteria to include all other possible letters after it. There are two possible answers.

8. The “type face” on a computer…no, not smiley

9. One billion characters of stored information

10. A graphic symbol representing a file on your desktop

11. The merging of names and addresses with a “letter template” in a word processing program.

Double Jeopardy (This stuff is hard)

12. The acronym for the brains of the computer. It executes and interprets the actual computing tasks? Oh, Ok…the first letter is “C”

13. The acronym for a company that provides a consumer with Internet access?

14. The acrynom for the technology that allows you to convert a scanned page into a word document that can be edited?

15. The acronym used to describe the battery powered unit that switches on when the power goes out?

Thanks to the glossary at San Diego State University ROHAN Academic computing www.rohan.sdsu.edu


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