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September 6, 2006


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I’ve been writing in this blog for nearly two years now and every once in while I just can’t make up my mind what to write about. That happened to me this morning…
First I thought I would write about the new report released today by the Office of Federal Housing showing the once red hot US housing market has “cooooooooled”. Nation-wide sales in July dropped by 4.3 percent…naah…I don’t feel like writing about that.
Then I thought maybe I’ll write about the other Federal Housing report that states prices of homes sold in Massachusetts rose 3.4% over the past year, but fell .44% in the last quarter…just not hitting me right.
So, I said to myself… how about writing about something “different”…maybe Katie Couric’s debut as the new CBS news anchor last night. Did you see it?… “We have a new segment called snapshots” (isn’t that special). Did you hear her ask people to send suggestion on how she should end the show, why?…because she could think of one. Come on Katie, it sounds like a contest to name a minor league sport franchise…forget it!
Ok…no Katie, no real estate… how about Big Papi’s return to the Red Sox …truth be known, this is one of the few guys in professional sports that I think is worth the money…not just for the way he plays, but he has a great attitude…I’ll keep this in consideration.
Hey, I’ve got another idea…how about writing about Chevron’s big discovery in the US Gulf of Mexico…did you hear? They found the biggest oil well in recent history…but reports are it won’t help lower gasoline prices… No way! I can’t write about this…I can’t follow the logic… a huge increase in supply doesn’t lower prices? but even a “possible” decrease in supply increases gasoline prices?…Let’s not go there.
One more blog possibility …The battle of technology titans that is developing right before us. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Internet mega-giant Google has been named to the Board of Trustees of computer giant Apple, yes a partnership between Google and Apple (Gapple?) …Now if I were Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates I would think there is something fishy about this, and be watching my backside…
But in the end I decided to blog about what I wasn’t going to blog about…hey, I sound like an oil company.

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