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October 13, 2006

A Thriving Bar Association

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Last evening I joined the Real Estate section of the Worcester County Bar Association for a discussion on electronic recording. My compliments to that group. It is certainly an energetic and vibrant organization. The meeting was hosted by Worcester Register of Deeds Tony Vigliotti and we were joined by Kathi Guay, the Merrimack County (New Hampshire) Register of Deeds who already has considerable experience with electronic recording. I spoke of our experience with electronic recording which is still in a limited, pilot program. I identified five “challenges” that should be addressed before we move forward to full-scale use of this technology. They are, in no particular order: (1) How do you do the final, pre-recording rundown when you are at your office some distance from the registry? This is an easy one - the registry’s website is continuously updated with data from newly recorded documents, so the rundown could be accomplished on the website just prior to sending the electronic submission to the registry for recording. (2) How do you handle the “gap” between the final rundown and the moment of recording? With walk-in customers, the “look-back” feature of our computers will identify matching names that were recently entered in the system. When a match occurs, the registry clerk just asks the customer if he wants to proceed with recording. With electronic recording, it is much more difficult for that conversation to take place. (3) How do you integrate walk-in recordings with those submitted electronically? We want all documents to be recorded in the sequence they are received, so live customers at the registry might have to wait until a large number of electronically submitted documents are processed before their documents are recorded. (4) How do you synchronize multiple companies that submit documents electronically all using different software with multiple registries which are not all using the same computer system? And (5) who can submit documents? We need regulations to establish the minimum standards for submissions. At last night’s meeting, we had an excellent discussion on these issues. These are topics that should be addressed in a variety of forums so that the solutions we decide upon are acceptable to the broadest possible audience of registry users.

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