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November 1, 2006

Vote for You

by @ 9:26 am. Filed under Current Events, Technology

Daniel Rosen, Independent Candidate for Nevada’s Second Congressional District has made an interesting campaign promise.If elected Rosen pledges he will vote the way his constituents want…and this guy means it, literally…the following is from the candidates website…“As your Representative in Congress, I will vote exactly as you, the citizens in my district, direct me to vote through your participation on this website”…If elected to congress every vote on every bill Rosen casts will be in accordance with the results of an electronic poll conducted on his website. How does it work?…Rosen will use software designed to provide every registered voter in Nevada’s 2nd District a direct means of voting on specific legislation pending in Congress. Constituents can vote whenever they want on whatever issues they want. Rosen then tallies the votes and casts his vote in congress according to how the majority his constituents voted. And the software does more than just count votes…Rosen’s “Decision Management” software allows people to participate in discussions and debates on issues and even submit motions directing the congressman to file bills. Sounds interesting? Or at least unique?…but, I think it is a little early for Rosen to order the food for his victory party…in a September poll of Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District the Democratic had 45% of the vote, the Republican 41%, the Independent American Party candidate 3%, and 11% were undecided…Rosen?, Oh yeah… he polled less than 1%.

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