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November 30, 2006

Techie Leftovers

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Tis the season for leftovers, right…so here’s a few techie things I thought about blogging on but had too many other things on my plate.

Last week Microsoft released its new music player called Zune and industry experts are already predicting a battle of the giants…the other giant being the Apple iPod, of course. The Zune got off to a quick start grabbing 9% of the US market in its first week of sales. Some believe the Zune is an iPod slayer…as for me, I’ll believe it when I see it. Every kid and adult I know wants an iPod for Christmas (that includes me).

New York, New York…Later today in New York Microsoft will announce the release of its new (and long awaited) Vista Operating System…but don’t go heading to your favorite tech store at midnight tonight to get your copy…it is available for only business customers?… As for me, I believe the day of the stagnant,box style, operating system is quickly coming to an end…and Microsoft knows it.

Got a question???? Well, Google doesn’t have the answer anymore. The search behemoth decided to abandon its “answer service”. Here is how it worked…You asked your question through Google and a researcher looked up the answer for you…of course, Google charged a fee depending on the amount of time it took to find the answer…as for me, I checked it out once. It didn’t do much for me and…Google’s Internet search is so effective you can find the answer to about any question you want FREE, so why pay for it.

A new study done by the University of Southern California says that 21% of adults think their children are on the Internet too much…I remember growing up hearing experts say kids were watching too much TV… As for me, I would rather have a kid on the Internet than in front of the boob tube watching The Adventures of Davy Crockett.

OK…I’m done with them…I’m throwing the rest of the leftovers out…

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