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December 1, 2006

November stats

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Here are some raw numbers for recordings in November of this year compared to last month and to the month of November in the past few years. We’ll revisit these figures and add some percentages sometime next week. In the meantime, there might be a small bit of good news for the first time in a long time. The total number of documents we recorded in November 2006 (6258) was slightly higher than the number recorded in October 2006 (6131). (In case you’re wondering, there were the exact same number of days we were open for recording - 21 - in both months). The same trend existed for deeds, with 581 recorded in November but only 546 recorded in October. The trend was reversed with mortgages, however, with 1656 recorded in November and 1751 recorded in October. New foreclosure filings (orders of notice) and foreclosure deeds were both up: Orders of Notice in November - 72; in October - 50; Foreclosure deeds in November - 24; in October - 16. With deeds and total documents up, however, the increase in these two types of foreclosure related documents is not as disturbing as it would be with downward trends across the board. Long term, here are the total number of documents recorded in the month of November for the past few years: 2003 - 8629; 2004 - 7513; 2005 - 7027; 2006 - 6258. Conclusions? There were a lot of bad loans made during the past few years, so foreclosures will continue to rise until they’re cleaned up. December, January and February are usually our slowest months for deeds and mortgages, so November was the last chance to detect any possible reversal of the downward trend. While I can’t say the plunge has stopped, there are signs that suggest it might be slowing.

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