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December 20, 2006

Cultural Perspectives

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Google, Google, Google… Is there anyone left that hasn’t heard of Google…it is the 500 pound Internet search gorilla. If I need to know something I “google it”…and it seems like I am not alone…millions of people are “Googling it” everyday…but the question is what are they googling? Google officials keep statistics on what people search on the popular site. According to Douglas Merrill, VP of engineering for Google, “it (Google’s statistics) captures the changes of our cultural perspective” (Come on Doug, cut out the flowery intellectualism. What you mean to say is your statistics indicate what people are interested in).…and Google ranks the results of the searches. Google ranks by considering “the increase” in the number of queries a search term has as opposed to simply “the number” of searches…So, what are we interested in, I mean what are “our cultural perspectives”? Here are the top five terms searched by google users in 2006…

Number one: “Bebo”
Number two: “myspace”
Number three: “The World Cup
Number four: “metacafe”
Number five: “radioblog”
Bebo, myspace, metacafe, and radioblog are all “online social networks”.

and…here are a few more “number ones”:

The number one searched wedding of 2006…Nicole Kidman to Singer Keith Urban (sorry Tom).
The number one divocre (this is easy)… Paul McCartney and Heather what’s her name.
The number one searched death of 2006… Beverly Hills, 90210 creator Aaron Spelling (and don’t forget “The Mod Squad”)
The number one sought after tickets on google…The Cheetah Girls (I’ll have to ask my grand-daughter who they are)

What???? you want me to give my prediction for next year’s “number ones”

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