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December 27, 2006

Testing 1, 2, 3

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Today we are beginning a test program involving document scanning. The ultimate goal, which we hope to acheive in the next few months, is to institute a “scan at the point of recording” operation. We believe this will streamline our document handling process. Of course, the first thing we need to do is to find the strengths and weakness in our plan…so, for the next few weeks we will test the system. In the beginning the “scan at the point of recording program” will be in operation for approximately three hours daily. Here’s how it will work… Documents will be recorded in the normal fashion…but, rather than placed in a basket to be scanned “hours later” they will be handed to an employee who will scan them “immediately”. These documents will then be mixed into the normal workflow…now remember, that’s how the test will work…but… In the “near” future, when we feel comfortable, we will use the “scan at the point of recording” method full time. The full time program will differ from the test in one major way…After the document is scanned it will be returned to the document’s custodian (the attorney, title examiner, homeowner etc). In addition… both the test and final system institute a change in the way we make certified copies “at the time or recording”. Here’s how that change will work…When a document’s custodian requests a certified copy it will be made from the newly “scanned image”…not from our copy machines. The document custodian takes the receipt to the copy area where the certified copy is retrieved.

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