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January 8, 2007

You’re plutoed!

by @ 10:07 am. Filed under Pop Culture

Did you ever get plutoed?
What’s does that mean?
Ever carry a murse?
A what?…
I sound like I’m talking in a foreign language don’t I…well, it’s not actually foreign, but it’s not exactly proper English either…”plutoed” is a new dialect word. And…it is an important one too…
What’s the big deal with it?
The American Dialect Society choose “plutoed” as the 2006 Word of the Year…
Who/What the heck is the American Dialect Society?
Good question…The American Dialect society is made up of linguists, grammarians, historians, scholars and other smart people.
Other smart people like me?
Not quite
How do they decide on the Word of the Year?
Members admit they do not vote with any thought that the word will be inducted in the English language…
Are they serious?
Not really, it is mostly for the fun.
Wait a minute…I still want to know what plutoed means…so I can figure out if I was ever pluoted.
Yes, back to the original question…Plutoed means “to demote or devalue someone or something”…
You mean like the way they “devalued” the once famous planet Pluto?
No, I was never actually “pluoted”… But a company I worked for once moved out of state and didn’t tell me where they were going…Was I plutoed then?
I would say so!…Let me give you a little quiz…See if you can tell me what this dialect word means…”murse”
Let me think…Let me think…”murse”, murse…I know… is it a curse put on someone by an Egyptian munny?
No, a “murse” is a pocketbook carried by a man. OK ,try this one…what does the dialect word ”flog” mean?
“Flog? Flog?”…I’ve got it! Flog is a type of “flu” that effects only dogs…yeah, that’s it Fllllooooog.
Wrong!…”flog” is a fake blog used to promote products. Hey, you better get back to work. If not, you know what Donald Trump would say to you…
Yeah I know…”you’re “plutoed”.

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