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January 29, 2007

I didn’t Know That

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Here are five techie shorts…I didn’t know…Did you know them?

Did you know Apple Corp has entered the cell phone market? and its new device is called the iPhone and is offered with service provided by Cingular?…you did! me too…but did you also know that before Apple made arrangements with Cingular to be iPhone’s exclusive distributor Version rejected the deal???? Wow…Now, I didn’t know that!

Did you know that tomorrow Microsoft’s long awaited operating system Vista is hitting the consumer market?…(a few months ago Vista became available for businesses). Think back…in 1995 hundreds of people waited in line at midnight to get the first copies of Windows 95. The excitement surrounding that OS release was amazing… now come back to today…The only person I heard is excited about Vista’s release is Bill Gates…do you know anyone waiting in line tonight to get Vista?…me neither.

Did you know that Google has decided to attack Microsoft right in the wallet?…I didn’t…Google intends to launch “a bundle” of software applications (Word processing, Spreadsheet and Database programs) Free…these bundled programs will compete directly with Microsoft Office…which is Microsoft’s biggest revenue generator.

Did you know that Fox sent a subpoena to YouTube (Google again). Apparently, a YouTube user (without permission) uploaded the first episode of 24’s sixth season and 12 episodes of The Simpsons. Fox is demanding that YouTube indentify the user with the intend of prosecuting. He/She goes by the Username ECOTotal.

Did you know that if you “google” the words “miserable failure” President George Bush tops the list of results and if you “google” the word “liar” Prime Minister Tony Blair tops the list and in 2004 if you “googled” the word “waffles” John Kerry would have topped the list. It seems all three of these respected gentlemen have been victims of what is called a “Google Bomb”. A Google Bomb is a term used to describe the way online pranksters influence the results of Google searches. Fortunately, Google is changing its search logarithm to stop these culprits…I didn’t know that.

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