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February 5, 2007

X Superbowl Impressions

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Superbowl XLI is over… (I still can’t figure out why the NFL uses Roman Numerals to name Superbowls but)…here are Ten (X) of my Superbowl impressions.

Prince provided the best halftime show I have seen since Michael Jackson (Superbowl XXVII).

My favorite commercial was the one with the rabbit “clicking’ on the back of a live mouse and asking his friend “are you sure this will get us on the Internet…oh yeah, and what about the Bud Lite one with the marriage auctioneer.

Colt’s Number four (IV), Adam Vinatieri is a major advantage in post-season play…

Two (II) Questions? Was Prince really playing the guitar or just faking it?… And I kept looking closely…was he getting wet from the rain or not? It didn’t look like it to me.

Colt’s running back Joseph Addai, not Peyton Manning, should have been the Superbowl’s MVP…he gained a total of 143 yards (CXLIII yards) with ease.

Bear’s quarter, Rex Grossman’s horrible performance reminded me of Tony Eason’s disaster in Superbowl XX when the Bears crushed the Patriots XLVI to X. By the way ESPN ranks Eason’s performance as one of the X worse in Superbowl history.

Question: Didn’t Prince change his name to the “Artist Formerly known as Prince”? I asked a music afficionado here at the registry… he said that he changed it back to Prince again…Sooooo that means Prince is actually the artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

The NFL’s real championship game was played two weeks earlier between the Colts and Pats…Dese Bears aren’t Da Bears of Mike Ditka!

Watching the teams play in the rain says it all…football was meant to be played in bad weather…not under a climate controlled dome.

My prediction for Superbowl XLII…it’s the Patriots over the New Orleans Saints by a score of XL to XXVI…

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