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February 27, 2007

Scanning Update

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Our transition to scanning and returning original documents to the customer as part of the recording process is advancing rapidly. We are now doing this for almost all recorded documents and the feedback from the great majority of customers (you can’t please everyone) has been overwhelmingly positive. Some are simply astonished that they can walk away from the recording counter with their original document in-hand. This process takes no more time than it would to make a certified copy so customers are not unduly detained. And speaking of certified copies, when you request one, it is no longer made on a copier machine. Now, the original document is scanned and the employee doing the scanning simply orders the computer to print a copy of the newly scanned document. That document prints automatically at our copy counter so the customer just takes his original document in hand, walks around the corner, picks up the certified copy (which was paid for along with the recording fees) and heads out the door with the original and the certified copy. Our goal is to scan 100% of our documents at the moment they are recorded. We will soon be adding a number of additional scanners to better balance the workload. Despite the very low numbers of documents being recorded right now, we do find that during busier periods the one scanner we have in place tends to back up. But that’s an easy fix (we’ll just add more scanners) and once we make the transition to 100% scanning, scanning when recording will no longer be a customer option but will be our standard operating procedure.

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