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February 28, 2007

Computer Problem

by @ 11:20 am. Filed under Registry Ops

This morning when I arrived at the registry of deeds and began turning on the Middlesex North Public Access terminals I discovered there was a problem. Quickly, I checked the cashiering terminals for problems also. I had an employee record a piece of mail on both Middlesex North and South Satellite cashiering terminals. There were no problems. I had all the scanners in the registry checked…again no problem. We isolated the problem to just the Middlesex North search terminals. I say “just”, but you can image the problem created by the inability to do a rundown on the last day of the month… That was the problem, now here are the steps we took toward the solution…First some background…Yesterday, we discovered two of our public search terminals were not “locked down”…this means these computers had complete rights to the Internet and some other areas of our computer system. So…late yesterday afternoon we called the Secretary of State’s IT department and asked them to “lock down” these computers. When we first discovered this morning’s problem we assumed something had gone wrong with the “lock-down” procedure…We called SEC IT and had them restore the “policy rights” (which reversed the lock-down process)…this didn’t work, the computers still wouldn’t come up. Around 9:30AM this morning a representative from the SEC IT department arrived at the registry. He rebooted our Domain Controller…success…all the public access computers came up… at least for now the problem is solved…I hate to sound pessimistic, but even though everything is working fine now…our Domain Controller still has issues…we made a repair call to our computer maintenance company and hope to see them later today or tomorrow. Ironically, this Domain Controller is slated to be replaced sometime next week…talk about good timing!

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