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March 12, 2007

UPS Gone Bad

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Unfortunately, this morning the registry’s computer system experienced a problem that shut down its entire network. This morning I arrived early to check for problems associated with this weekend’s “time of day” change… I truly expected none. First, I checked the cashiering terminals…to my surprise I discovered they would not connect to the “G drive”. This is the ACS database drive ( the most important drive in the registry). Next, I checked our public assess terminals and they did not boot up either. At first I speculated that something had gone wrong with the software patches used to implement the “time of day” change. We called the Worcester and the Middlesex South Registries of Deeds and neither was experiencing a problem. This ruled out the “time of day” patches. You may remember a couple of weeks ago we had a problem with our “Domain Controller”. This problem also shut us down completely. We began to speculate the same problem had re-occurred in the DC. Around this time the Secretary of State’s IT Department became involved in seeking a solution. They successfully logged on to the Domain Controler, which eliminated it as the cause of the problem. Finally, in a long shot an ACS representative told us to check our routers (we have six). We did…and discovered they were the source of the problem. How important are these routers? Well let’s put it this way…they connect “every computer” in the registry to our servers…when they don’t work, nothing works. SEC IT discovered that a failure in the battery backup unit (UPS) that powers ALL of our the routers. As a temporary solution we circumvented the UPS unit and plugged the routers directly into a power outlet. As I write this entry our maintenance company is on its way to replace the UPS unit. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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