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March 14, 2007

Google Vs Viacom

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Good eve N ing ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to New York Federal Court…tonight’s heavy weight fight is for a “winner takes all” purse of $1 billion and the right to publish or not publish copyrighted videos on YouTube.

Tonight’s Challenger alleges that the Champ has shown “brazen disregard” for US copyright laws and “deliberately chosen not to take reasonable precautions to deter the rampant infringement on its site” that site is YouTube!
The Champ counters that “YouTube has repescted the legal rights of copyright holders” and is here tonight to fight it out.

But…before I introduce the combatants I would like to call your attention to some important members of tonight’s audience who will be watching our battle with extreme interest…

please give a big around of applauses for…

First…The Raider from Redmond… Microsoft, Miccccroooosoft!!
And here’s one of our older champ’s… Napster. He looks good doesn’t he? I’ll bet he could still go a few rounds...
Coming off a solid victory against the Beatles, we have Apple…come on up here Appppplllllle!!!…good to see you…love the iPod
And also in our audience is the Recording Industry Association of America…Apple, help me here…keep Napster and the Recording Industry apart or we’ll have a fight before the fight.

Now let me introduced tonight’s pugilist…

In the blue corner wearing green, money colored trunks and weighing in with an incredible $10 zillion in equity is the world’s largest search engine Gatling Gun Google…Gooooggggle…Gooooggggle!!!!!

And in the other corner wearing redstone (get it?) colored trunks is the New York Annihilator, the Sultan of South Park, the Comedy Central Crusher, the producer of Nickelodeon, Dream Works and MTV… Viacom…Viiiiaaaacom…Viiiiiaaaacom!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to rummmbbbble?!?!?!
They sure are.

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