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March 26, 2007

Did you Ever Wonder Why?

by @ 9:29 am. Filed under Pop Culture

I love to blog. It’s fun…although, sometimes when I sit down searching for a topic I feel like Andy Rooney. You know him…the guy on 60 Minutes with the bushy eyebrows…no, not the cranky political one, the one that’s always musing “did you ever wonder why_____?”. Well, this morning I had one of those “did you ever wonder why moments”. I just finished reading and article explaining how scientist discovered a way to give mice the ability to see enhanced colors… My mind raced“did you ever wonder why… scientist don’t do these enhancements to humans”? Hey, I would have volunteered in a second…If something is enhanced, whatever it is, I want it!…the enhanced clarity of an ultra slim High Definition TV powered by DLP technology (got to have it), the enhanced sound on a Bose Acoustimas Home Theater system with 6.1 channel audio (oh, please please, me me)…the enhanced luxury of a Mercedes Benzes S-600 with a 3-value-V12 twin turbo engine (calll meeee Mr Style)…the enhance performance of a really, good quality electric can opener (I know, there is no such thing)…again, enhance it and I want it… And especially if it deals with distinguishing colors. Like most men I need help when it comes to seeing colors. Guys (I really mean men and women here), have you ever had this conversation (or one like it) before?… I’ll bet you have…
Wife: ”You’re not going to wear that tie with that jacket”
Me: It’s blue. What’s wrong with a blue tie with a black jacket”?
Wife: “Your tie is not blue. It’s gray with shades of indigo, cyan and khaki and… your jacket has hints of maroon speckled with magenta. It doesn’t match”…
Me: (lifting my tie up so I can see it closer) Looks gray to me.
“Did you ever wonder why mice get all the good stuff”?

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