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May 17, 2007

Recording Counter Relocates

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The Recording Counter made the jump into the former record hall first thing this morning. The move was expedited by the temporary loss of electricity as Trial Court maintenance folks tried to ID the right switches to kill the power for this weekend’s work. In some respects, this move is like an urban architectural dig; as you peel away bookcases that have been in place for 90 years or carpetting that’s been there for 20, you learn about construction techniques through the years. For instance, since the building was constructed before the widespread use of electricity for indoor lighting, there are fixtures for gas lights all over the building. When electricity came along shortly thereafter, pipes that once carried gas to light fixtures were stuffed with wires to conduct electricity. As we are discovering, however, just because they covered up an electrical light fixture with a steel book cabinet back in 1916 doesn’t necessarily mean that they killed the power to that wire. Anyway, the recording counter is now in its new location with four operational recording terminals and two scanners. In the coming months we plan to bring that number up to a total of six terminals, all of which will have scanners attached. By then, all recorded documents will be scanned immediately and turned back to the customer within minutes of recording, and we’ll be out of the document storage and mailing business.

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