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June 26, 2007

Say Cheese

by @ 8:33 am. Filed under Technology

Over the weekend my nine-year-old granddaughter and I went to my favorite computer store. I had decided a few months ago to purchase a new Apple iPod. No, I am not the only person in North America without one…I have a smaller Apple Shuffle that I enjoy very much…but last Christmas my granddaughter got a nice iPod Nano and well, truthfully I was jealous. I said to myself “Hey, I’m the First Assistant Register of Deeds…why does a nine year old have a better iPod than me!” As we approached the audio section of the store little did my granddaughter know she was actually taking part in repairing my bruised ego. The two of us picked out a smart looking black 30GB iPod. This device plays full-length movies, downloads TV shows, plays Podcasts and holds close to 7,500 songs…in other words, it is better than hers!
After picking out the iPod my granddaughter said, “Papa, lets go look at the laptops”. “Sure…Ok with me”. She continued “why don’t you buy one of the new laptops that have a built in camera”…”Honey”, I said “laptops don’t come with built in cameras”. “Yes they do”…“No they don’t”. “They doooo!” said emphasized. I thought to myself, I’m not going to fight about this. Hey, I read the Technology section of the New York Times. I know what I’m talking about. My answer was simply, ”whatever”. As we approached the laptops I saw a really nice HP, “Wow, I really like this one… Here’s another one with 200GB of memory… Boy I would love that one”. “Papa, look at these” she calls out. “In a little while, I’m busy”… I continued to salivate, “I wonder how much is this one costs?” “Papa look, this one has a camera”… “Honey, please don’t start that again”…”It does! Will you please (she is very polite) come here?” I walked up to the laptop and look into the screen…to my complete shock there was my large South Beach deficient face. My granddaughter runs up beside me, now both of our faces appear on the screen…”Look Papa, say cheeeessssseeee”, she declares as she makes a funny face in the camera…”do you like this one with the built in WebCam?”…Humbly I uttered, ”Yes, honey I do”. During the drive home I kept asking myself…maybe I should give her the 30GB iPod…I’m sure she could make better use of it than me.

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