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August 16, 2007

Me and the Prez

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After seventeen years, three months, six days and two hours of gawking at the Bush family I finally met former President George HW Bush (41). I went to Kennebunkport last Sunday to attend an art show (trust me, I buy the prints not the originals). This show was of special interest to me because the local art association was holding it in the Kennebunkport Yacht Club. I love old buildings, especially those with history. I wanted to see this building for years but, it’s “members only” and… well, I buy prints not originals, if you get my point. The show was actually being held in two building one across the street from the other. My wife and I entered the first beautiful old building. We strolled around looking at the “prints”…As I approached the ocean side of the building I saw two US Secret Service boats, each manned by four or five uniformed agents. Fidelity III was docked between the two Secret Service boats. Fidelity III is former President Bush’s boat. How long have I been stargazing the Bushs?…I remember seeing Fidelity I in the cove at Walker’s Point when the elder Bush was president. I said to my wife…”the President must be mooring Fidelity here now”. Behind me I heard a know-it-all say to his friend…”the president is across the street. Do you want to go and see him?”…My ears perked, ”Hey, did you hear what that guy said? Let’s go over and see if Bush is there”. As soon as my wife and I entered the second Yacht Club building I saw the president’s daughter Dora…but no President. I looked at a few paintings, then said to myself, “What are you doing! These aren’t prints, they’re originals! You’re not interest in this stuff. Go see if the former President is really here”. I looked down the first aisle no president, the second no president, then the third…there he was standing beside Barbara Bush talking casually to a Kennebunkport friend. The atmosphere in the hall was so casual it would have been awkward to approach him. I moved toward the president but kept my distance…How close was I? I heard him tell one person he eat so much Mexican food for lunch he didn’t know if he’d ever eat again. He strolled to the next aisle. I followed slightly behind. Another person walked by him and said “hi” it was definitely another friend. It was amazing…everyone seemed to know him, and not one of them was looking at “prints”. At this point George had separated from Barbara. Then finally… he walked by me. I could resist no more. “Mr. President” I called out…startled he turned to me “Yes?”…I was in awe…I had waited for this moment for seventeen years, three months, six days and two hours… but nothing came out of my mouth…I stuck out my hand. He took it and shook it. I was surprised. His hand was very large and muscular…my mouth finally utter, “I hope you are having a good summer”…”Why, thank you young man (me young?). I am so far”. He walked away and I continued to pretend to be interested in the rest of the paintings. I did buy one piece of art. It is a lovely “print” of a salt-marsh. It cost $30.00…I skipped lunch that day.

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