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October 26, 2007


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Have you ever heard of WhatIfSports. I hadn’t until yesterday. A colleague at the registry of deeds turned me on to it. WhatIfSports predicts the outcome of sporting events using their specialized software called SimLeague. Using this unique program WhatIfSports played a computer simulated 2007 World Series, 10,000 times. I know what you’re thinking…what a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Well, check this out. WhatIfSports predicted the Sox would win game one of the series by a score of…11 to 2. Not bad huh! And they also predicted that Beckett would be outstanding and Gagne would pitch the ninth inning. Want more? WhatIfSports also predicted that Ortiz and Ramirez would drive in two runs each and Youkilis one …sound familiar? It should because it happened that way. Eerie isn’t it? I’ll bet I’ve got your attention now…But hold on a second before you wonder if this group has tapped into some omnipotent source of baseball knowledge. Take a look at their game two predictions… WhatIf Sports said the Rookies would pound the Sox 8 to4…guess they missed that one…and they said Schilling would give up three homerooms, missed that one too…Then WhatIfSports predicted that Brad Hawpe would hit two homeruns…maybe they were talking about a different Brad Hawpe. Not so eerie anymore…So take this for what it’s worth…I listed the scores (but not the winners) predicted by WhatIfSports in the upcoming World Series games:
Game Two….. 8 to 4
Game Three….. 6 to 3
Game Four….. 5 to 4
Game Five….. 10 to 2
Game Six….. 6 to 5
Game Seven…… 3 to 1
According to WhatIfSports the Colorado Rookies will win the 2007 World Series…I know you don’t believe it, but in 10,000 computer matchups Colorado won 52.80% of the time with the most common occurrences being a seven game series won by the Rookies. Hey, let’s not panic, remember computers aren’t infallible, look at how poorly WhatIfSports predicted game two. Maybe it’s just a bunch of mumbo jumbo…then again maybe it’s not. You can check out their website for the detailed “pre-results” of the games.

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