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November 19, 2007

The Kindle

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Way back in my high school days I read a book called Fahrenheit 451 written by science fiction giant Ray Bradbury. The title of the book comes from the kindling point of paper. The story revolves around a fireman name Guy Montag. Guy’s job in the futurist, anti-intellectual society he lives is to burn books…Last Monday Amazon.com in conjunction with Sony released a new device called “The Kindle”. According to CNET Amazon.com believes The Kindle will “burn down the traditional paperback book business”, hence the name. Of course, this is not an anti-intellectual movement on the part of Amazon. It is an attempt to move consumers from printed paper to digital reading. How does it work? The Kindle downloads newpapers and books from the Internet. You can read them on the train or in your house or wherever you prefer. I know…it is sooo nice to curl up with an intriguing mystery novel on a cold rainy night…but Amazon is hoping that you’ll begin curling up with its new handheld device instead. No, you don’t have to be connected your computer to download an article or book. The Kindle connects to the Web using a WiFi network provided by Sprint. But the truth is, E-Readers (that’s what they called these devices) have not really caught on with consumers. For one thing it costs the same to download a book to The Kindle as it does to buy it in the store and its not cheap ($399). At one time I thought E-Reading was the way of the future…today I am not so sure.

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