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December 26, 2007

Remember When Cell Phones Were Locked??

by @ 7:01 am. Filed under Technology

Have you ever thought back and asked yourself… “remember when________?” Here’s an example for we old-timers…remember when there were no online music stores like iTunes and the only way to get that “one song” you loved was to buy the entire album…”remember?” Well, I think someday we’ll all be asking “remember when cell phones were unlocked”. Everyone knows cell phones only work with a particular cell phone carrier…If you bought a Motorola Razr from Cingular, it will not work on the Verizon network, even though Verizon also sells the Motorola Razr. I know, I know…it is the same phone, manufactured by the same company. Its crazy when you think about it. T-Mobile stores offer only certain models and styles of phones, the same is true of all the carriers. They only offer the one’s they want to. Probably the most notorious example of a locked phone is the Apple iPhone. It only works on the AT&T network. But all this may be coming to an end and shortly…Cell phone manufactures are beginning to sell “unlocked phones” on their own, cutting out the phone carrier. An “unlocked phone” can be used on multiple carrier networks. That right…what a novel idea, just image buying a cell phone, moving to another carrier and keeping the same phone. But this is not such a novel idea in other parts of the world. In Asia 80% of the phones sold are unlocked which means manufactures offer consumers more models and styles. In Europe its 70%…but here, in the US an unlocked phone is a novel idea. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we’re all saying “remember when cell phones only worked on one carrier? Do ya?”

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