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January 23, 2008

Foot Note

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“Feet don’t fail me now”, Who said that?… Wasn’t it Ernest or Julio Gallo? No, no I think it was Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner’s mantra. And it may well become the mantra of Tom Brady and Patriot fans all over New England. When the Patriot’s faithful saw Tom Terrific wearing a foot-boot yesterday there was a collective gasp. A little story…Yesterday morning my wife and I watched the early morning news together. There was our Tom limping toward his girlfriend’s apartment…flowers in hand. My wife turned to me… “look at those flowers” she said, “you’d think a guy with his money could afford a better bouquet than that”. “What! Are you kidding,” I responded…”look at the other guy walking behind him. HE should be carrying those flowers? Brady shouldn’t be carrying any additional weight in his condition. You never know, it might aggravate the damaged ankle… And so the day went on here in New England. Our minds just couldn’t wipe away the image of “little Jonathan Brady’s” dad in a foot-boot…There was speculation (would the Pats play that other guy? What’s his name?). There was nervousness (oh my, what if they do play what’s his name?) and most of all there was anxiety (Bruce Jenner’s chant could be heard in every corner of New England… “Foot don’t fail us now”, “foot don’t fail us now”). By afternoon my tension had turned to paranoia (soooo, who stepped on Brady’s foot? WHO DID IT!?… Manning?, No not, Eli! The other evil brother, Peyton. Where was he? WAS IT HIM!?). But fortunately the day ended with a restoration of reason…Tom Terrific was seen strolling out of a New York restaurant wearing Cowboy boots, no foot-boot. Thank you Bruce Almighty…But wait, ”New York”? “Cowboy” Boots?…is Belichick hiding something from us? We’ve got another twelve days of this…

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