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May 12, 2008

The Old Ladies Home

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Last Saturday Lowell Sun Chairman Kendall Wallace wrote and interesting column which contained a “by the way” reference to The Old Ladies Home on Fletcher Street in Lowell. Reading it reminded me of this story.

A couple of weeks ago a friend (here at the registry of deeds) who is involved with the Old Ladies Home asked me if I could find its Articles of Association. Apparently, the group is doing some historical research and was searching for the names of the original founders. The first question I askedwas, “is it really called The Old Ladies Home?”…well, “it used to be”, he said, “now it is referred to as the Merrimack River Valley House”. My friend’s request came late in the day and I knew I was looking for document at least 160 years old. Truthfully, deep down inside I groaned “It will take me forever to find something called The Old Ladies Home and even then, what are the chances I’ll find the Articles of Association. Using our new electronic indexes I pulled up the 1855-1880 Grantors looking for the name “Old Ladies Home”…you are not going to believe this, bam..right their on the very first page I viewed was a document recorded on May 4, 1867 indexed under the Old Ladies Home…I crossed my fingers! Could it be the Articles? Please, please, please…my eyes glanced over to “document type”…There it was, as plain as could be “the Articles of Association” for The Old Ladies Home in Lowell. You can just image my excitement..and it listed every founder, attested by the registry’s first register A.B. Wright… Let me quote directly from the document…“In witness whereof we have herunto set our hand this twentieth day of April A.D. 1862 (it wasn’t recorded until 1867) Dr Sarah H. Young, Mary A. Hedrick, Mrs J.L.Corliss, Sarah S. Corliss, Rachel H. Allyn M.D., John Nesmith, John A. Buttrick, John A. Knowles, C.P. Talbot, Wm Kelley, Harriet Nesmith, A.L. Brooks & B. Patch”.

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