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June 13, 2008

Bunker Hill Day

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Next Tuesday, June 17, is Bunker Hill Day. There registry will be open for business as usual, but the day remains a holiday in Boston and many customers call and ask us if we will be open. Unlike Evacuation Day, the other county holiday that isn’t a holiday anymore, the general historical background of Bunker Hill Day is self-evident. (Evacuation Day - March 17 - commemorates the British evacuation of Boston in March 1776, not St Patrick’s Day). The Battle of Bunker Hill took place just eight weeks after the opening fights of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775 and June 17, 1775). When the British returned to Boston after their expedition to Concord, the thousands of colonial troops and militia that operation had attracted followed and stayed in Cambridge. On the evening of June 16, several thousand colonials advanced to and entrenched on Bunker and Breed’s Hills to the northeast of Boston, a move that threatened the city and the British forces located there. The British, led by General William Howe (no relation) landed on the Charlestown peninsula on the morning of the 17th, took half the day to get organized, and attacked the dug-in Americans three times, being continuosly repulsed with heavy casualties until the colonists ran out of ammunition and were overrun. The victory was costly for the British who suffered more than 1000 casualties (228 killed and 800 wounded). The real impact of Bunker Hill occurred months later when the news of the heavy casualties reached England. Many who saw Lexington and Concord as an unfortunate misunderstanding and who were working for reconcilliation, abandoned all hope of a peaceful and fast resolution of the conflict and resolved themselves to a long and costly fight.

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