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June 18, 2008

Thank You, Middlesex South

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As you know our former lower level record hall has been converted for exclusive registry use. This new space has opened up a number of opportunities for us. Currently, we are using the area as a mass production scanning center (a project which is working out great). The scanning project only takes about half of the available space. Record book shelves line the majority of the perimeter of the walls. There is a second lower level area (we call it the tunnel ). It also contains record books, on shelves…these shelves are in deplorable condition. In the days of yore when books reigned at the registry, space was a valuable commodity. The only way we could fit the increasing number of books we created was by moving into “the tunnel”. During this time we shelved books on anything we could get our hands on. The advent of the modern age brought the extinction of record books… but these shelves were never replaced. Through the generosity of the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds and Register Brune this is about to change. Currently, South is in the middle of a major renovation project. A new recording counter is being constructed in the area that was once Cambridge’s upper record hall. And Middlesex South intends to remove some of their record books from their shelves also…Get the picture? Shelves-plus books removed- equals- “Shelves not being used!”… Yes, a perfect scenario for registry cooperation. You guessed it…Register Brune has generously offered us these unused book shelves. Of course, we leaped at the chance to finally replace the “deplorable” shelves in the tunnel with the new. We expect the first group of these to arrive tomorrow and setup to begin immediately…Once again thanks to the Middlesex South Registry of Deeds

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