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July 30, 2008

Vista & iPhone

by @ 1:18 pm. Filed under Technology

I recently purchased a new HP computer. It runs Window’s new operating system, Vista. Many users have complained about Vista, but Microsoft is sticking with it. My attitude when I purchased the new computer with Vista was “an operating system is an operating system”…at least that is how I felt until yesterday. For the first time since purchasing my new computer I tried to download iTunes 7.7 and sync my iPhone. To my surprise I got an error…”I must have done something wrong”, I thought. I deleted and reinstalled iTunes and tried again..another error.Then a third time delete/ reinstall…a third error. ” What am I doing wrong?? I angusihed. Last night I spent numerous hours researching the problem on the Internet. Finally, I discovered it wasn’t me…there is a compatibility problem between Windows Vista and the iPhone and its little brother iTouch. I believe the only reason there isn’t more public outcry is most people are not running Vista, yet…but they will. Rememeber Microsoft is sticking with its new OS, so when you buy a new computer you’ll get Vista, simple. Luckily I came upon a solution to the problem in an Apple Support site. I tried it this morning and it worked…but, can you believe this absurdity? Vista, soon to be the most used operating sysytem in the world is not compatible with iPhone, the most popular cell phone in the world? Of course, Apple blames Microsoft and Microsoft blames Apple…me? I blame both of them.

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