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August 6, 2008

Keep Yourself Informed

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If you are interested in whats happening at the Middlesex North Registry you should consider signing up to read our Twitter. Signing up is simple and free. Once you’re signed up you can ask to “follow” lowelldeeds. We make entries at least five times a day. Each one helps give you a glimpse into the inner workings of the registry and helps keep you informed on “how” and “what” we are doing. If a piece of equipment is down…we “tweet” about it, if we are busy we “tweet” about it, if there is an emergency situation and we need to close we “tweet” about it. Twitter is the newest form of rapid communication in the technology world. Just to give you a flavor of what you’ll read on the lowelldeeds Twitter, here is a sample of the tweets from July 24, 2008:

The Interns just informed me that we are getting water in the basement where some of our older books are stored…first tool, a mop. 11:15AM July 24

The rain has stopped, for now, but the water continues to enter the basement. We have added rags to our arsenal. 11:50 AM July 24

Good job by our Interns…the water has stopped entering the basement and everything is back to normal…for now anyway.1:10 PM July 24

Preparing Assessor’s reports for the towns…they should be ready to mail out by tomorrow. 1:52 PM July 24

Things have quieted down considerably over the past 30 minutes…just one closing going on in the building 2:23 PM July 24Final number of

Documents recorded for July 24: 188 4:15PM July 24

Once again…give Twitter a try

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