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October 16, 2008

North Middlesex Bar Association

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Last evening I had the pleasure to speak with a dozen lawyers at the fall meeting of the North Middlesex Bar Association, an organization based in communities west of here such as Groton, Harvard, Ayer and many more. My topic, of course, was the registry of deeds. There were two major areas of discussion: an update on our scan-and-return process for walk-in recordings (that’s where we scan every document as soon as it’s recorded and hand it back to the customer) and an introduction to electronic recording. I say an “introduction” because even though we have been recording documents for some time, most attorneys only have a vague idea of how the system works. One point I made last night that bears repeating is that for all its efficiencies, the scan-and-return system does increase the amount of time it takes us to process each customer (because we still do everything we did before plus we scan the document). With the slow state of the real estate market today, we can easily handle this increased workload. Once volume begins to increase, however, there will be a risk that long lines will re-emerge. That’s why it is critical that we sign up as many attorneys as possible to electronic recording. When things get busy again, if a significant portion of our customers choose to record electronically, waiting time will remain manageable.

A final note from last night, the even was held at the Indian Hill Music Center in Littleton. It is a wonderful facility and has a great selection of upcoming concerts. The complete schedule of events is available on the Center’s website.

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