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October 27, 2008


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Me: Bad news!…Our Kodak 2025 batch scanner is acting up…
Him: What’s wrong with it?
Me: Shhhh, not so loud, I don’t want it to hear you. It is very sensitive.
Him: Should I care?
Me: Should you care? Of course, this machine is a work horse for us. I am not exaggerating, it has scanned millions of pages.
Him: Did you ever think you might be over working it and it needs a rest.
Me: I gave it a rest…For a few months I put it in a kind of semi-retirement…you know, a couple of thousand pages a week, that’s it…I let it kick back and watch the young scanners do the work.
Him: So why not just put it back in “semi retirement”?
Me: I found that the younger, I mean newer scanners just don’t have the same work ethic as old faithful…so in May I took it out of retirement and it responded with a vengeance…
Him: Sounds like Brett Favre…What do you mean, “a vengeance”?
Me: How about a scanner whipping through 30,000 images a week? No jams, no pulling double pages…just clean, clear readable images. Not bad for an old timer, right?
Him: So tell me, what exactly is the problem?
Me: This morning I knew something was wrong…when I walked into the scanning room the atmosphere just wasn’t right. It seemed gloomy…
Him: Well, what was wrong?
Me: The employee using the Kodak 2025 informed me that the old work horse was scanning dark around the edges. My jaw dropped, but I was able to pull myself together and work on it. After about an hour I fixed it.
Him: Maybe it just had the Monday morning blues…
Me: Could be…but I am still very concerned…even though I fixed it, I don’t know how I fixed it.
Him: Well, it is just a scanner, get another one…
Me: Shhhh, I told you keep your voice down. With talk like that, it will be jamming next. Then what will we do? Tell me, what would YOU do without the 2025.
Him: Punt!?!?

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