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October 29, 2008

Windows 7

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I’m mad…I’m not kidding. Let me tell you why. I bought a new HP Laptop Computer about two months ago. Believe me, it wasn’t cheap. And before I bought it, I did my homework. I checked into the latest updates for PC’s. Specifically, I was concerned about the future of Windows Vista. I heard that many people who ran Vista didn’t like it. A rumor even circulated through the techie community that Microsoft was going to dump Vista. Why buy a computer with an operating system that was going defunct shortly, I thought. My fears were alleviated by none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer himself. During an interview when pressed about discontinuing Vista Ballmer emphatically said “Microsoft is sticking with Vista”. Stupid me, I took the “big short” at his word and bought a new HP laptop with a Vista OS.

You see, I’m mad…I’m not kidding. Why?!…because yesterday Microsoft introduced Windows 7…check out this quote from this morning’s Boston Globe: Microsoft introduced what it said would be a slimmer and more responsive version of its Windows operating system on Tuesday, while unceremoniously dropping the brand name Vista for the new product”.

What!!!…What happened to “we’re sticking with Vista”, Steve? Steve, not only wasn’t this statement true, but Windows 7 had to be under development when you said it…Thanks Steve, thanks alot. Now I own a two month old computer with an out of date operating system because you deceived me and the rest of the public…Well Steve, one thing you are right about, my next computer will not run Vista, but it just might be running a Mac OS, Apple’s Operating System.

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