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November 7, 2008

The Stick

by @ 1:32 pm. Filed under Current Events, Technology

This year’s inductee into the National Toy Hall of Fame is….the Stick. Yeah, the old fashion stick. Christmas is still six weeks away, but I can hear my grand-daughter now…

Me: Honey, what do you want me to buy you for Christmas?
Grand-daughter: Papa I want an XBOX 360 Live with Halo so I can fight the Aliens with a my own semi automatic pistol, Alien Needler gun and a fierce rocket launcher. What do you think, Can I get one?”
Me: Well, I was actually thinking I would get you… “a stick”.
Grand-daughter: “A Stick”, you mean like the kind that fall off trees?
Me: Yeah or a stick can also be a broom handle…that kind of “stick”.
Grand-daughter: Can I use a stick as a weapon to defend earth against its sworn enemies and find the secrets of the Covenant?
Me: No, but you can play baseball and street cricket with a stick.
Grand-daughter: Why, wouldn’t I play baseball with a baseball bat and cricket with a cricket bat like you’re supposed to? I don’t want a stick for Christmas.
Me: But honey, the stick has been placed in the National Toy Hall of Fame. I played with a stick when I was a kid.
Grand-daughter: Is that because there was no electricity then, so there were no Xbox’s?
Me: No…we had great times with “a stick” in those days.
Grand-daughter: OK, I’ve got an idea…you give me an Xbox 360 with Halo for Christmas and I’ll give you a stick!
Me: I think I’ll pass.

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