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December 9, 2008

Dumbing Me Down

by @ 4:56 pm. Filed under Technology

I use Google as my homepage…but not your typical google homepage. I’ve suped it up like a 1950’s hotrod with a four barrel carb…My homepage has ”Quote of the Day”, Today’s Weather (in Maine and Mass of course), the latest Sports Scores and my personal favorite The Word of the Day. I like google so much I even agreed to Google Tracking. Google Tracking follows my website visits. It uses this information to “suggest” other websites and areas I might also be interested in. I know, it is Big Brotherish, but truthfully, it hadn’t bothered me until about two weeks ago. Let me explain…As I said earlier, dictionary.com sends me a Word of the Day…its the standard thing. Every day I get a new word along with its meaning intended to increase my vocabulary. Hey, I’ll admit it. I love this stuff. But I have noticed in the past week or so, dictionary.com is sending me words that are well, at a lower and lower vocabulary level. This week the level decreased significantly. Truthfully, I am beginning to worry. A year ago I’d be all excited because my Word of the Day was salicaceous. Today dictionary.com sent me “elocution”. Heck, everyone knows what elocution means. I’ve reached a conclusion. Google Tracking is directing dictionary.com to “dumb it down” for me. I’ve been trying to figure out why. Maybe I dumbed myself down with my recent searches. After all I did google “Turkey Quiz” for the Thanksgiving blog and “Bart Simpson” for the blog I wrote on “meh”. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I’ve got a solution…tonight, when I go home, I am going to put my professor’s cap on and do some serious googling…”What is the Pythagorean Theory”? What are Sir Isaac Newton’s Universal Laws of Gravitation? In what year did Henry Thoreau publish Walden? You see, I’ll fool Google Tracking into thinking I am an intellectual and my Word of the Day will reflect it. Pretty clever, ain’t (I mean isn’t) it? I’ll bet by the end of the week I’ll be using “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in a sentence, thanks to dictionary.com.

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