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December 12, 2008

Quite A Morning

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At 5:00 AM this morning while walking on my treadmill (doctor’s orders) the power went out in my Tewksbury home. The outage silenced the Beatles pounding in my ears and left one of my legs stretched forward and the other backward on the stopped treadmill. Blinded by the dark I felt my way along walls to the nearest exterior door. I stuck my head outside and observed that an ice storm had blanketed the Merrimack Valley. I thought, if Tewksbury’s power is out the registry might be out also. I made a horrible cup of coffee by boiling grounds in water (hey, if it was good enough for Buffalo Bill, it is good enough for me). I then took a lukewarm shower and headed to work. On my drive in the number of broken tree branches littering the roads astounded me. Ice covered power lines hung nearly low enough to touch the roof of my Jeep. Home after home sat in darkness. The effects of the storm amazed me. As I turned onto Gorham Street my eyes met a pleasant sight. The electricity in the registry of deeds was on. The registry lights burning brightly made the courthouse look like the subject of a Thomas Kinkade painting. I still had one concern…if an outage occurred in the courthouse through the night our temporary power backups might have exhausted themselves bringing the computer servers down. With this in mind my first destination when I entered the registry was the computer room. To my delight all looked well.

As I sit writing this the registry is fully operational. In the end I’d say we were pretty lucky considering over 300,000 homes and business in Massachusetts are still without power.

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