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January 7, 2009

4Chan Strikes Again

by @ 3:52 pm. Filed under Current Events, Technology

If you’ve seen pictures of Apple Founder, CEO, and overall Genius, Steve Jobs you know he is not looking very well lately. This coupled with the fact that Jobs did not give this year’s Keynote address at the MacWorld Expo has ignited rumors about his health. Several months ago I blogged about Steve Jobs being a Pancreatic Cancer survivor. Unfortunately, since that time Jobs has kept getting thinner and thinner. The Apple genius is cognizant of the fact that his well-being has a major effect on the value of Apple stock. Monday, with this in mind, Jobs went public. He explained to the world that blood tests have shown he has a rare hormone imbalance. The condition has caused his recent and severe weight loss. But yesterday at MacWorld a group of irreverent hackers flipped the Apple world upside down. Traditionally, Apple micro-blogs the MacWorld Keynote speech. Yesterday as “macrumorslive.com” provided live feeds to Apple lovers a renegade post popped up saying… “Steve Jobs just died”.
After three minutes Apple Techs caught on to the hack and posted… “Retraction on Steve Jobs Comment…we don’t know how that got in our feed. Steve Jobs did not die”.
But the malicious hackers were good or bad that is. They quickly came back…”Oh wait, sorry, Steve did die. Our condolences”.

Of course, Steve Job has not died. A group of hackers affiliated with 4Chan have been blamed for the Apple attack. You may remember that last October during the presidential election, a member of the 4Chan website hacked into VP nominee Sarah Palin’s yahoo account and posted copies of her emails on 4Chan…

I must admit…the world never ceases to amaze me.

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