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February 9, 2009

Communication Revolution

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Twitter, Twitter, Twitter…Why do I keep blogging about Twitter you wonder. I’ll tell you why. I think Twitter represents a revolution in Internet communication… Do I need to explain Twitter again. OK, here goes… Twitter is a micro-blogging software that allows you to communicate updates to “followers” using no more than 140 characters. Tweets (as they are called) are succinct and timely…and you can easily tweet on your cell phone. Tweets vary greatly in content, from the mundane to the amazing. For instance last month’s Miracle Landing of the US Air Jet was first report by someone using Twitter. But Twitter has a major limitation…In order to see a particular person’s Tweets you must be a “follower” of that person. In other words if you weren’t a Twitter follower of the first person that reported the Hudson Landing you didn’t get the immediate news. The solution to this is simple. Twitter needs to be searchable and retrievable through an RSS Feed. Can you just image the power of being able to search millions of immediate Tweets from all over the world with a click. Ok, so why hasn’t Google or Yahoo developed a Twitter search engine? Here is my speculation…Google and Yahoo want to purchase Twitter. If either of these giants makes the microblog searchable, the prices goes up. I think one of the big boys will purchase Twitter first then developed a search engine for it…then will be a real communication revolution.

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