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February 11, 2009

It Drives Me Crazy!

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Please indulge me today…I am feeling a little cranky so I thought I would tell you about a few “devices” I own that drive me crazy (these are not in any particular order).

First is My Toaster: Yes, I like toast, but I have never owned a toaster that works right. I currently own a fourer (four slots).Now, this is how it works or rather doesn’t work…I put bread in it and I get bread back, not toast. Why? you ask. Well, I put the bread in the slots, press it down and it immediately pops up…I press it down again and again it immediately pops up. Yeah, bread in and bread out. Once, I actually had to hold down the levelers with masking tape so I could make a BLT.

Second is My iPod: I know you are shocked by the iPod being on my “it drives me crazy list”. But truthfully, no one really “owns” an iPod. Apple just lets you use one. The fact is I love my iPod, but I hate Apple’s arrogant control of it. You’re right, there is a story behind these feelings. Recently I lost 1,100 songs I had stored in my iTunes library (forget the reason, it is not important). No problem I thought, I have all 1,100 backed up on my iPod. I’ll just upload them, I thought. I called Apple for assistance. I explained the situation and asked for help uploading from my iPod back into iTunes.
“Sure thing”, the friendly tech said …”but you can only upload songs from your iPod that you bought on iTunes”.
“Are your kidding. This thing is nothing but an external memory device. Why can’t I take MY music off of it?” I said.
“Apple doesn’t allow that” he told me.
I knew I should have purchased a Zune.

Next is my Can Opener: I hate that thing. The “Can” itself was no doubt one of mankinds greatest invention. The man that invented “The Can” was a genius…but I ask, after he invented “The Can”, why didn’t he finish the job and invent “The Can Opener”? Instead he left that important task to obvious inferiors…I have owned electric can openers, sure grip can openers, battery operated can openers, the old fashion jack style can openers… you name it. And NONE of them work as designed.

Finally is The Electric Tooth Brush (notice I didn’t say My): Let me say up front this tooth brush is a subject of disagreement between my wife and I. She loves the thing, I hate it.
About a week after my wife purchased the electric tooth brush she asked me…
“Why don’t you use the electric tooth brush?”
“I don’t like it?” I answered.
“Why?” she persisted.
“If you must know” I said “because it has a battery in it”.
“So what’s wrong with that”?
“I am not comfortable putting something with a battery in my mouth”.
“Are you for real?”, she said.
“The next thing you know, I’ll be walking around with a flashlight in my mouth,” I shot back.

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