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April 3, 2009

Foreclosure Prevention Workshop

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Lowell Foreclosure Workshop

Yesterday at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Lowell, the Commonwealth, the City of Lowell and the Coalition for a Better Acre sponsored a Foreclosure Prevention Workshop at which homeowners with concerns about their mortgages had an opportunity to meet with representatives of many major lenders or with independent housing counselors in an attempt to find some remedy for their housing difficulties. As the photo above shows, several hundred people attended the event with the line stretching around the hotel parking lot at the 2 pm start time of the workshop. Although our foreclosure statistics have remained stable for about a year now, seeing the crowd that gathered for this event suggests that many are in distress and that any recovery of the housing market is still far off.

Registered Land Certificate Books

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As part of our ongoing consolidation of the physical layout of the registry of deeds, we have taken all certificate books beginning with Book 183 (certificate number 36002) out of public circulation. All certificates from 36002 and upward (these begin in mid-May 2002) were created on our current computer system as were the corresponding memoranda of encumbrances. Consequently, the certificate and encumbrances visible on our public access computers are identical to those maintained in the books. The registered land staff will continue to maintain the original certificates in paper form, however, they will gradually be shifted from books to filing cabinets. Older certificate books (which are not completely available on computer) will continue to be available for public viewing.

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