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April 13, 2009

Techie Briefs

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Here are a few techie briefs that caught my eye this morning…

Yahsoft- Microsoft and Yahoo are talking again…No, they weren’t mad at each other. They are talking about a collaboration/purchase/merge or something like that. Microsoft needs a “good” search engine and Yahoo has one…so Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo. Last year talks broke down between the two megacompanies when Microsoft gave Yahoo its last, best offer and Yahoo turned it down. We’ll see what happens this time.

Mikeyy-Just image someone not as techie savvy as you and I reading this opening sentence from a PC World article…” The malicious worm affecting Twitter over the weekend has now mutated and continues to invade the popular microblogging network… Wow, it sounds like the opening line of 1960’s monster movie. The reality is a 17 year-old hacker named Mickey Mooney has created a computer virus that is burrowing through Twitter. It leaves its mark by embedding the word Mikeyy in the Tweet.

Apple Apps- I have a first generation Apple iPhone. I love it. Apple is in bragging mode, big-time. Why?…Shortly, Apple will reach the one billionth download for its wildly successful App Store. Truthfully, I’ve downloaded a number of Apps for my iPhone…and truthfully, I have deleted as a number of Apps from my iPhone. I’ll say this…I’m intrigued by some of the Apple Apps, but I find most are useless. Supposedly, there are over 8,000 iPhone Apps. For me only a fraction of that number are even worth trying.

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